You know that friend?

You know…the one who whenever he takes up a new hobby he practically goes broke trying to get all the “best” gear. He goes overboard. He maxes out his credit cards. He buys everything he could possibly need.

And one year later, there is dust on all that stuff because he hasn’t used it.

We are NOT that guy!

We believe EVERYONE can enjoy the outdoors, not just the hardcore outdoorsmen (and women).

We believe in making the outdoors accessible to the everyday, ordinary person. You don’t need a $40K boat or a $60K camper or $200 fishing poles or $200 hiking boots.

We share tips and tricks for enjoying the outdoors on an ordinary budget.

We share information on gear that will get you outdoors for less…inexpensive alternatives to high-end brands.

We share destinations that are publicly accessible, without hiring a guide.

We share content from other ordinary outdoorsman.

We are family friendly. We don’t share content with excessive swearing, or scantily clad ladies, or other material that you wouldn’t see or hear in a PG movie.

Join us!

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