At we are all about everyday, ordinary outdoorsmen (and women) sharing their tips, tricks, and experiences with others so that they too can experience the outdoors. Too many sites are focused on selling expensive gear or showing you their amazing adventures that would cost you thousands of dollars to experience.

Don’t get me wrong. We like to watch those videos, read those stories, and keep up on what’s new in outdoor gear as much as the next person. But we felt something was missing…resources for the everyday, ordinary person who works a full 40+, fishes out of a jon boat they bought used on Craigslist, and camps in a smelly old pop-up instead of one of those rolling mansions that pass for camp trailers these days.

If this describes you…consider submitting an article to our site. We’d love to hear real stories, share your favorite tips and techniques, and know how you make the outdoors a part of your life.

Things to keep in mind about guest posts.

  • We reserve the right to accept, edit or reject content for this site. If we choose your article, we will be in direct contact with you and let you see any edits we make before it is published. If we are flooded with submissions, we may not be able to respond to everyone, but we will try.
  • If we select your article, you must agree not to publish it on any other sites including your own. You may publish an exceprt or overview on your own site and on social media and direct others to your article on this site (It’s an SEO thing). In fact, we would expect you to help get the word out about your post! At least tell your mom, you know she’ll read it. 🙂
  • If we select your article, you can include a short bio and one link to your website (if you have one) and one to a social media channel of your choice. You can include relevant links in the body of the article, but, as you might expect, we reserve the right to add additional links or otherwise change what you submit.
  • You can submit photos with your article, but we reserve the right to choose the post graphic. All photos submitted must be your own. And by your own we mean you took the photo with your camera, not “I found this on Google.”
  • We are currently accepting posts on fishing (freshwater), hiking, camping, gear (related to these topics, including EDC), and places (outdoor destinations primarily within the United States). Articles should focus on the “average person” and encouraging them to get out and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Please take the time to read several of our articles before you submit. Get an idea of the kinds of articles we post. Tips, tricks, useful (budget friendly) gear, your favorite outdoor places, etc.
  • Let’s talk about compensation…this is a hobby for us. We love the outdoors and want to share that with others. This is not a business, we don’t “turn a profit” so unfortunately we are not able to pay for posts. Bummer. Maybe some day that will change, but for now it is reality.

Things we won’t post.

  • Foul language. Nope. Don’t want it.
  • Non-family friendly content. No bikini-clad fisher-lady pics on this site.
  • Stuff that’s generally out of reach of the average outdoorsman…too expensive or exclusive.

If this is you, please send your post to NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE! Copy and paste your article into the body of the email message instead and put GUEST POST in the subject line. Thanks!