I know what you are thinking…Christmas is great, but it can be so hard to know what to get for each person on your list. Sometimes it’s because you know they are picky. Sometimes it’s because they seem to already have everything. But if you have an outdoorsman on your list, we have a few ideas for you!

It’s tempting to just get them a gift card to their favorite outdoor store. And, quite frankly, they will likely enjoy that. But if you want to get them something useful and a bit unusual, here are a few unique Christmas gift ideas for Outdoorsmen.

Unique Christmas gift ideas for outdoorsmen.

Deejo minimal pocket knife

Deejo has a whole line of minimal pocket knives that are quite stunning. Backpackers love them because they are so lightweight. They are not the sturdiest knife on the market, but will serve most outdoor purposes short of a survival situation. I personally own the 37 gram version (with 3.75 inch blade). I consider it my “dress” knife…the one I carry when my standard clip folder seems out of place (like when you have to dress up to attend the wedding of your dad’s brother’s wife’s sister’s daughter).

Be sure to check the legal requirements where you live. In most states (US) there is a limit to the length of blade you can “conceal” in your pocket. In some states the limit is 3.5 inches. I would recommend the 27 gram version with it’s 3.125 inch blade just to be safe. If you want something more interesting, check out the 37g “tattooed” version.

luminAID Lanterns

luminAID has a fantastic series of rechargeable solar lanterns in various sizes. I personally own the luminAID Packlite Max with USB charging, but I really like the newest member to the lineup (Packlite Max 2-in-1) that can also be used to charge your phone or other device in a pinch. These lanterns are compact, lightweight, and waterproof. For more details, read my review of the luminAID Packlite Max.

Real Deal Brazil tarp hat

I have one of these too! With a family history of skin cancer, I have for a long time been wearing wide brim hats for outdoor activities in order to help keep the sun off my neck, ears, and face. I have several bucket hats and a decent lightweight hat that works pretty well – except when the wind is so strong it collapses the brim.

I received one of these as a gift last year and love it! It is made from recycled canvas tarps from Brazil. The hat is lightweight but the brim is reinforced which means it stays where it is supposed to even in a stiff breeze, although I did have to add a chin strap because the wind here in Nebraska can get pretty crazy. The best part is that it already looks worn! No need to worry about getting it dirty or stained, it will only look even better! Real Deal Brazil makes a whole line of products from these tarps, including other hat styles. Be sure to check them out.

BUFF UV/Insect Shield Multifunctional Headwear

These have become pretty popular in recent years. These pieces of headwear can be worn in many different ways and are available in several different colors and patterns. People like me use them to protect my neck from the sun, but they can also add a little warmth on one of those cool, spring days when the breeze has a chill but you just found a honey hole and don’t intend on moving from it anytime soon. They are lightweight enough that you can wear them in the middle of summer as well.

A GoPro camera

Outdoorsmen can watch hunting and fishing videos all day long. Why not buy a GoPro and create your own to share? These little cameras are known for producing high-quality video and photos, their ruggedness and water resistance, and they are available in several different models and price-points. Buy a waterproof case and some kind of body or arm mount and you are set! Youtube here I come!

Vacuum insulated Yeti tumbler

There are a lot of options out there, but Yeti established the standard. Their 20 ounce and 30 ounce tumblers do an outstanding job of keeping drinks hot or cold for unreal amounts of time and are available in several different colors. They are a great gift option for any outdoorsman. They have a whole line of products designed to either keep hot things hot or cold things cold.

Yes, there are cheaper imitations available but you never know how well they will work…and what the heck, it’s Christmas!

Portable hammock

Need a nap? No problem! Whether you use it in your backyard, on a picnic, or take it camping, a portable camping hammock makes a fantastic gift! We have one that just happens to fit really well between the clumps of river birch trees in our backyard. Our whole family loves to set it out and enjoy when the weather is nice. Most come with adjustable straps and everything you need in a compact, lightweight package that you can take anywhere.

Just about anything by Black Lantern screen printing

Black Lantern is a Colorado based, (mostly) outdoor oriented  screen printing operation. They offer a whole line of really interesting designs on shirts, hats, mugs, and tumblers. I really like the geometric mountain range shirt, the double exposure bear shirt, and the almost all of their campfire mugs. Even more designs are available on their website.

I hope this list is helpful in finding the perfect gift for the outdoorsmen in your life. In addition to these items, be sure to check out some of our other posts about gear or visit “Our Faves” page.

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